22 November 2014

Serial Data Logger Redux

The serial data logger that I blogged about previously now has its own custom PC board. I've had two of them running nearly continuously for a few weeks and they seem very solid. A few other folks are building them as well. I'm glad to have them on dedicated boards, I think I will get a lot of use out of them. On GitHub you can find the Eagle board design, the updated firmware to match the board, and there is a bill of materials on Mouser.com.

Arduino-based Serial Data Logger


  1. There are several types of data loggers, some are big huge extensive machines that take up a great amount of space while others are much smaller and are considered portable data loggers. Typically, in the past the larger versions were used most often in the field and required researchers to carry an extensive amount of equipment. The wireless data loggers as well as the portable versions that have been recently created have made it a lot easier for researchers to travel, as well as still gather the data they need accurately.