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  1. Will the library work with MCP79400 thru MCP79412

  2. I believe so. If you try other devices in the family, I'd be very interested to know how they work out.

    I took a quick spin through the datasheets. MCP79410/11 should be no problem as the only difference is unique ID format. MCP79400/01/02 do not have EEPROM so of course those functions will not work. MCP7940M/N do not implement the unique ID and MCP7940M does not have the power-fail timestamp.

  3. Hello JChristensen,
    A short recent journey brought me to your project. I'm going to try a retrofit of a ds1307 breakout. It'll get a new crystal, some load caps and the MCP79412 in place of the ds1307.

    Would you mind revisiting this project and slapping me with some knowledge with regard to frequency trimming?

    If I say please would you add trimming function capabilities to your MCP79412 library? "Please."

    1. Ahh. Nevermind. I found your documentation with regard to the calibration method.