Power/Sump Monitor

Status changes are posted to Twitter. Scroll down for a key to reading the tweets.

How to read the tweets

The monitor sends tweets:
  • When it is powered on or is reset.
  • Any time power or sump status changes, i.e. if the power goes off or comes back on, or if the water level in the sump becomes too high, or falls back again to a normal level.
  • Every 10 minutes as long as an alarm condition exists, i.e. power is off or sump level is too high.

Example tweets

20:21 Power/Sump Monitor SW-v1.0 HW-v1.1
20:21 Power OK Sump OK

The monitor sends two tweets at startup, one giving the software and hardware versions, and one giving the current power and sump level status. All tweets start with a timestamp (HH:MM) using a 24-hour clock. Here the monitor started at 8:21 pm.

20:44 Power FAIL 00:01 Sump OK
8:44 pm: A power failure occurred one minute ago. Note that when a power or sump failure occurs, a tweet is not sent until the failure has lasted one minute. This prevents a lot of tweets being sent for short outages.

21:20 Power FAIL 00:36 Sump FAIL 00:01
At 9:20 pm, the sump level has now become too high, and power has been off for 36 minutes.

21:37 Power FAIL 00:53 Sump OK 00:17
At 9:37 pm, the sump level is now OK after being high for 17 minutes. The power is still off, and has been off for 53 minutes.

21:43 Power OK 00:59 Sump OK
At 9:43 pm, power was restored after being off for 59 minutes, and the sump level is OK.

00:13 Power FAIL 00:01 Sump OK
00:23 Power FAIL 00:11 Sump OK
00:33 Power FAIL 00:21 Sump OK
These are examples of tweets sent every 10 minutes during a power outage. These were sent at 12:13 am, 12:23 am, and 12:33 am, indicating the power has been off for one minute, 11 minutes, and 21 minutes, respectively.

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