01 May 2011

Engineers are some of the most fun people in the world

Sorry but this one is off-topic, and partly brag. Anyone who thinks that injuneers ;-) are not absolutely some of the most fun people in the entire world need look no further than Dean David C. Munson, Jr. of the University of Michigan. Dr. Munson is the Robert J. Vlasic Dean of Engineering at the U of M College of Engineering.

Yesterday we attended my daughter's graduation ceremony and we're very proud that we now have two generations of engineers in the family, and also two generations of Eta Kappa Nu members!

My Favorite Engineer

Dean Munson presided over the College of Engineering's graduation ceremony. Before the graduates were presented their diplomas, he explained that, in part due to the swine flu scare of 2009, various congratulatory rituals could be used in lieu of the traditional handshake. Alternatives included bows, high-fives, fist bumps, and chest bumps. As you may be aware, graduation ceremonies can tend to drag a bit, and this one was late in the day, after quite a long day. But certainly I have never been to one that held my attention more; this one will be a tough act to follow. If the Dean calls in sick Monday with bruised ribs, I'm sure that everyone will understand.

Dean David C. Munson, Jr., Coolest Dean In The World,
conferring a degree on an engineering graduate

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